If you’re in business in the United Kingdom, it is going to be to your best interest to get your message in front of the decision makers who control the checkbook! The CFO is often busy, so displaying a clear and concise message is important. Putting your message in a place the CFO will always look is even more important.

Advertising with the Dudsbury

Our packages are customizable, and we work with long term clients to establish the right solutions to meet budgets and metrics goals. There are different options that are stacked below and will give you an idea of what we can do. However, we are not limited and encourage you not to be either!

Email Newsletter:

Featured sponsor placement, sponsor placement at the footer, or article feature story are just some of the ways our favorite supporters get themselves noticed in the Dudsbury community. Email newsletters are released weekly.

  • Cost for a Featured Sponsor Placement: $300
  • Cost for a Sponsor Placement: $179
  • Cost for an Article Feature story: $499

Banner Advertising:

Included on our home page, in daily and bi-weekly emails with circulation of approximately 9000, and in the landing pages for the most important campaigns running to your targets. The banner ad is designed for you, by our professional graphic designers, and is yours to keep and use again on other sites if you desire.

  • Cost for Banner Advertising: $4500 for a six month contract, inclusive

Traditional Advertising:

We offer eighth, quarter and half page ads, and we will link to specialized content through our Banner Advertising program. The ads are all designed bespoke by our talented branding and graphic design department. These ads are rotated out every two editions, so your contract will dictate the appearances and is not measured by eyes or clicks. This is a unique opportunity.

  • Cost of Traditional Advertising:  $4900 for a six month contract, inclusive

If you’re not certain where you should put your advertising spend, you have not made the right decision. Reach out to Hamilton today to setup a personalized consultation.