hamiltonThe Dudsbury is the United Kingdom’s most respected and read blog about accounting, the functions of the finance team within an organization, design of the best accounting principles and practices, and all other related points!

There is no requirement of a subscription or affiliation to take advantage of the Dudsbury. We are an advertising supported online magazine published weekly. Our entire goal is to make the role of the finance manager or Chief Financial Officer as smooth and informed as possible.

When we first launched the Dudsbury under the editorial auspices of Hamilton Frennen, Jr., we were concerned that a blog about small business accounting in the United Kingdom might not have enough of an audience to take off. However, we were happily surprised to find that there are plenty of people who have questions about their business’s accounting needs.

The difficulties in keeping up with running a business while making sure that accounting rules and best practices are followed is one of the challenges that a small business owner struggles through. No matter where they are located in the UK or what vertical they are in, businesses need guidance for their accounting and The Dudsbury has provided that for over a decade.